"In How To Be Romantic, I'm going to share over 4000 romantic ideas and tips with you. Put these into practice and be romantic for the rest of your life!"

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When you finish reading my letter, you can start putting these romantic ideas to work - any place and any time! - K. M. Ryan

Dear Friend:

You're here because you're looking for ways to be more romantic, either for yourself or for your partner, and you've come to the right place.

Whether you need romantic birthday ideas, romantic surprise ideas, "just because" ideas or much more, "Your Romantic Idea Handbook" will give you years of romance with your partner.

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With over 4000 romantic ideas, including romantic movies, romantic songs and romantic places to see with your lover in all 50 U.S. states plus Washington DC, romance will become a regular part of your life.

I've researched and compiled this HUGE list of romance ideas by reading books and interviewing romantics and experts. I'm excited to share these ideas with you; ideas for special occasions in your life as well as tips on creating harmony and romance with your lover every day of your relationship.

The ideas aren't hard and can be put into practice right away. Just pick a chapter such as, "Romantic Evening Ideas", then pick out an idea you'd like to try, then do it! Very easy and simple! My book will give you the idea, then you just do it!

My book will save you hours searching for that perfect romantic idea because over 4000 ideas will be available at your fingertips.

You'll get:

Romantic Bedroom Ideas
Cheap Romantic Ideas
Romantic Christmas Ideas
Free Romance Ideas
Ideas For A Fun Date
Romantic Gifts For Her & Him
Romantic Ideas For Men & Women
Romantic Birthday Ideas
Romantic Dinner Ideas
Romance Movies Titles
Romantic Evening Ideas
Romantic Places
Romantic Songs Titles
Romantic Surprise Ideas
Romantic Tips
Spiritual Romance Ideas
Romantic Valentine Ideas

"I'm so happy I found your site! I purchased your book and am very happy and excited with all of your ideas! I'm going to use one or two ideas weekly - I especially love the surprise ideas. Thank you!"

"Wow! I've never seen so many ideas in one book! The romantic tips are great and my partner and I are making a strong relationship even stronger."

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In a few minutes, you can be reading my book and implementing one of the many romance ideas in your own relationship. Bring the romantic spark back! Each idea is easy to understand, easy to read and easy to start using.

"Your Romantic Idea Handbook" is great for both men and women and will help even the seasoned romantics become more romantic and grow together in love. If you're a new couple, use my ideas to help build and sustain your relationship.

You'll find lots of ideas you can use again and again, as well as new ideas you can implement throughout the year or around Christmas, Valentine's Day or birthdays.

"Thank you for your excellent book. A fantastic price, fantastic information and easy ideas anyone can use. My local bookshop didn't have anything comparable and some of the "self help" relationship books cost about twice as much as yours!"

Here's a sample of what you'll find in my book . . .

Romantic Bedroom Ideas - Remove the lightbulbs in the bedroom lamps and put candles around the room.

Romantic Christmas Ideas - Drive around your town to check out the Christmas lights.

Ideas For a Fun Date - Go to a planetarium together.

Romantic Gifts For Him - His favorite girl scout cookies (and he doesn't have to share.)

Romantic Things To Do For Men - Hide a love note in his tool box.

Romantic Dinner Ideas - Enjoy dinner at a skytop lounge as the sun sets.

Ideas For A Romantic Night - Get out the telescope and star gaze together.

Romantic Surprise Ideas - Hide Hershey's Kisses in his brief case.

"I love the romantic places section. My boyfriend and I plan to take trips to see the places mentioned in our state once a month."

"Thank you for the inexpensive romantic ideas! My girlfriend and I were looking for ideas we could do together that wouldn't cost a lot of money, and we found them thanks to your book."

"Don't Neglect Your Relationship!"

Lots of Romantic Ideas gives you thousands of ideas for different events and occasions in your life. Implement one or two a day will give you ideas to last you a lifetime! Don't neglect your relationship!

Put the spark back in your relationship!

In a few minutes you can start putting romance and excitement back in your relationship. Click the order button below and let the romance begin.

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You will receive instant access to the book.



P.S. I can't guarantee the price on my book will stay this low. But if you buy NOW you'll get the current price listed above. 

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