Romantic Things To Do For Men

Ideas for romantic things to do for the man in your life.

Like women, men also appreciate romantic gestures and romantic words.

Show him you care every day of your relationship and let him know he is appreciated.

Believe in him.

Call his favorite radio station and dedicate a song to him.

Carry a picture of him in your purse.

Cheer his favorite sports team on by watching a game with him on tv occasionally.

Do an errand for him he doesn't like to do himself.

Don't try to change him.

Go tailgating with him.

Greet him at the door with nothing on.

Hide a love note in his tool box.

If he has to work late, take supper to him.

If he's heading to the automotive, hardware or sporting goods store, go with him.

Laugh at his jokes.

Let him be your knight in shining armor.

love written in white letters on black paper

Let him channel surf.

Let him fix something.

Like his friends.

Love and respect his family.

Love his dog or cat as much as you love him.

Place his picture in your office.

Put a note on his windshield that says how much you appreciate him.

Put love notes in his briefcase or jacket pocket.

Read the sports page and learn about his favorite team.

Recognize that he shows love through his actions as well as his words.

Send him an email that only says "I love you."

Tell him he smells good.

Tell him he's terrific.

The next time he's tinkering with his car, go tinker with him. Bring two glasses of his favorite cold drink - one for each of you.

Try not to nag.

love written in hearts in front of a brown background

Watch the Super Bowl with him every year. Root for who he's rooting for.

Wear the perfume he bought you (or the sweater, the coat, the hat).

Buy him an angel food cake with a note that says, "You were definitely heaven sent".

Don't man bash.

Don't try and rush the relationship. Be patient and let it grow.

Frame the romantic love poems or letters he writes you.

Give him a break.

Give him a chance.

If he's out of town, call his cell phone in the morning for a wake up call.

If you didn't take his advice, but should have, tell him, "you were right."

If you like him, ask him out!

Make him # 1 on your speed dial.

Put heart stickers on cards you mail him.

Put lipstick on. Kiss a sticky note and put it on his pillow.

Put moisturizing lotion on his back.

Say, "great job!" to him.

Enjoy these romantic things to do for the guy in your life!

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